Five More Myths Debunked About Unversal ESA School Choice

Arizona Universal School Choice ESA Program is for everyone!

MUST READ: Steve Smith’s op-ed in the Arizona Republic (School vouchers will bankrupt Arizona? Let’s debunk that and 4 other myths). He debunks the misinformation and lies opponents want you to believe about the ESA Program, which is a crucial education opportunity that is helping more than 60k Arizona families!

Steve Smith’s joint op-Ed in the Capitol Times: 71% of Arizonans support ESAs!

AFC Arizona voters approve school choice and Universal ESA

There’s a loud corner on social media and on the Opinion page that would have you convinced that the decades-long effort in Arizona to give families access to more educational options failed. Too exclusive, too expensive, and even too politically conservative, they say.

But click away from Twitter and the evidence says the exact opposite.

The State of Iowa Embraces School Choice

AFC Iowa School Choice

Arizona blazed the trail! Iowa is now the second state in the nation to enact expansive school choice for all families. Congratulations to Iowa parents and children!

Hobbs Takes On ESA Program In Awkward FOX New Interview

Gov Hobbs aims to roll back Arizona's school voucher expansion.

Hobbs Takes On ESA Program In Awkward FOX New Interview Steve Smith from the American Federation for Children responds to Katie Hobbs’ FOX News interview. Although she went to a private school as a kid, Hobbs is not wanting families to be able to access the education savings account program that would help them attend […]

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